Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Publication Year: TBA
When a group of troubled teens get sentenced to a rehabilitation camp in the Montana Mountains, they get more than a lesson of behavior modification and end up learning about love, sacrifice and bravery. Charlee and Gabe, along with five other mis-guided teenagers, are sentenced by the courts, to attend Noah’s camp named Back on Track. The plan was to go out for two weeks, learn survival techniques, attain better human interaction skills and in a nutshell, they were to return with a better understanding of how to behave and follow the laws of the general public. Jackson was a retired zoologist with a past he intended on keeping a secret. He lived in these mountains with his adopted family of Sasquatch, otherwise known as big foot. There is a mother, father and a adolescent male. Their paths cross when Russell, a camp guidance counselor that was a last minute replacement, sneaks off with the aid of two brothers—one being slow minded, to expose the docile family of Sasquatch. When those two men have second thoughts, they attempt to back out of their deal with Russell and find he isn’t so willing to oblige. Two of the teens have their own separate catastrophes and are both lost in the wilderness, and the search for them finds more than they bargained for. They learn they must work together for their own survival. With a struggle between man and beast, will humanity overcome prejudice or be blinded by greed and revenge?
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